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Collections Fine Jewelry opened its doors in Saginaw, Texas in June of 1983. With nothing more than a small showroom and a handful of catalogs, Sharon Evans quickly established a significant customer base and soon found herself filling orders not typical of the average jeweler. What she lacked in experience she more than made up for with her sharp and determined entrepreneurial instinct and her commitment to the absolute best in customer service. When requests from customers included items that were not part of her normal inventory, she took whatever steps necessary to meet the need. This dedication led her to logo merchandise; first in the form of service award jewelry such as lapel pins, rings, and watches, and eventually into branded product that today includes everything from wearables to writing instruments, electronics, timepieces, travel gear, sporting goods, home furnishings, appliances, office and desk accessories, customized pieces of fine jewelry and crystal - even coffee, chocolate, and bottled water.

In 1994, Evans opened CFj Manufacturing to handle these new product demands and position herself for even greater success in this new market. Under her leadership and strictly through word-of-mouth advertising, CFj’s reputation spread quickly throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Today, CFj has offices around the globe and boasts some of the most advanced technology available in the industry, making it possible to provide the latest in innovative gift ideas, web-based solutions, ordering options, administration, and customer service. Sharon’s emphasis on a “do it right the first time” culture and her ability to synergize the buying power of her clients have allowed her to push CFj to the forefront in the industry, where it is now a multimillion dollar company handling a variety of service award, employee recognition, and promotional marketing programs for some of the world’s top corporations.

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