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   Caring for your Jewelry
Should I care for and clean my rings?

Do not wear jewelry when doing rough work; avoid exposing gold jewelry to household chemicals, chlorine and salt-water. Always handle a ring by its edges or shank, do not pull a ring off your hand by its prongs. Do not subject stones to excessive heat (This includes having it sized elsewhere). Put on jewelry after using hairspray, perfume, and cologne- as they may dull the gemstones. At home, clean your jewelry with a polishing cloth or home ultrasonic, but check that the gemstones can tolerate the chemicals used.

Will Collections inspect my jewelry?

This is a complimentary service Collections provides. It is very important that this be done consistently to ensure the security of your mountings. Safety claps must be periodically tightened; they will loosen, especially gold. Nothing else you buy will last as long, with such little maintenance, as jewelry. Some pieces are passed through several generations- so, we recommend you have your jewelry inspected, cleaned, and the prongs checked at least every six months.

If a piece of jewelry discolors my skin, does that mean it is under-karated?

Gold sometimes discolors skin or clothing due to the alloy's reaction to perspiration or abrasion caused by cosmetics which contain compounds harder than the jewelry. To solve the problem, clean your jewelry frequently and remove all jewelry before using soaps, detergents, or cosmetics. Some may find that they need to move to a higher karat gold or platinum.

How is platinum different from white gold?

Platinum is one of the finest precious metals, as well as one of the heaviest. A platinum piece containing 90% platinum will weigh 60% more than the same piece in 14kt. Platinum jewelry is perfect for everyday wear because of its durability. Some people find platinum preferable to white gold- if they are allergic to the nickel (in some white gold alloys). Platinum is also an excellent choice as the setting material for your diamond jewelry because of its strength and durability.

How do I care for sterling silver jewelry?

Clean with mild soap and water or use a professional silver dip available for purchase at Collections. Keep silver in an air tight place to prevent tarnish. (air and light cause tarnish). Only rub with a polishing cloth- paper towels and tissues can cause scratches.

How do I take care of my pearls?

Hair spray, cosmetics and perfumes can weaken the silk string or discolor the pearls, spray these before putting on the pearls. After wearing, clean the pearls with a soft piece of cloth. Cultured pearls can be scratched; do not use gold cleaner, or other chemicals not specifically designed for pearls. Protect pearls from perspiration, dust and dirt. The pearls may be washed in a mild soap and water solution. Have the pearls re-strung once a year. Ordinary wear can weaken the thread on which the pearls are strung. Make sure the pearl strand is knotted between each pearl. This serves to keep the pearls from rubbing against one another and keeps them from scattering should the strand break.

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