Complete Guide to Diamond Cuts

Complete Guide to Diamond Cuts 

Most customers feel nervous when buying diamonds because they aren’t sure whether their significant other would like it. There are many factors to consider when buying diamonds, but it’s always useful to start with some education on the subject. 

When you learn a thing or two about cuts, you should take your loved one or someone else’s opinion into consideration. Most people who receive diamonds as a gift have a specific cut they love. While the buyer should determine other factors like cost, insurance, warranty, quality, the choice of a diamond cut should include input from the receiver if possible.

If you’re buying a diamond for an engagement ring, then opt for a stone that fits your fiancé’s style. Here are some classic cuts to offer a glimpse as diamond cutting evolves constantly. 

Round Cut 

The round cut diamond is as exquisite as it is timeless. Consistently the most popular cut (by a large margin) of every decade for as long as diamond rings have been a thing, the round diamond is the most brilliant cut due to its perfectly symmetrical nature.

Princess Cut 

Although round diamonds are a standard, classic shape, princess-cut diamonds are the most popular of the fancy shapes. They work well in many styles, including solitaire and three-stone engagement rings. The brilliance and geometric shape of princess cuts make them a great choice for sleek modern styles.

Emerald Cut

Emerald cut diamonds are a unique and elegant class of diamond cuts. Unlike most other shapes that are brilliant cuts, an emerald cut diamond is actually a step cut. Its faceting is not the traditional kite and star shaped facets of other loose diamonds; rather, emerald cuts have small rectangular facets that resemble stairs or steps.

Pear Cut

The pear diamond—also known as the teardrop or pendeloque cut—is unlike any other diamond cut. It’s called a modified brilliant cut, one that blends the Marquise and oval cuts with one rounded end and a point on the other. Its signature silhouette is instantly recognized and much beloved.

Radiant Cut

The radiant cut diamond owes its brilliance to the 70 facets found its pavilion and crown. The precision of each facet offers immense brilliance and fire. The radiant cut’s brilliance is surpassed only by the round brilliant cut. This makes the radiant cut an excellent choice for an engagement ring that sparkles with brilliance and fire.

Oval Cut

The slender body of the oval diamond creates a beautiful, elongated look. It often makes the hand and fingers appear slimmer. The diamond’s shape has no sharp corners, so it’s less prone to chipping. If you enjoy a rounded design, but want a stone with more character, an oval diamond makes a stunning choice. In addition, oval diamonds are almost always priced lower than round brilliants.

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