Holiday Party Trends We Love

The Holiday season is upon us again! Parties are already in full gear and of course you want to look your best! Here is Collections Fine Jewelry's guide to the best to the best jewelry styles to try at upcoming festivities. Follow our tips and you are sure to stand out among the crowd!

Pearls of Joy

Dainty but thought-provoking, pearl-adorned jewelry is even more fitting in the winter months. Try a traditional rounded pearl or an oblong baroque shape to complement winter party ensembles. Most may think that wearing pearls is only for the spring, yet they will look fabulous with many of your outfits this winter.  They won’t only enhance your entire look but add a touch of drama and elegance to the outfit as well.

Bold and Gold 

Bring out your bold gold jewelry for your holiday parties and celebrate in style!  Gold jewelry looks fashionable with traditional holiday colors! Whether you are wearing red, green, black, gold, or blue, gold jewelry complements it nicely. This season, go with oversized gold chains that make a bold statement solo or when layered with other over-the-top pieces

Color Craze

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but colored gemstones might be second best. We're seeing all sorts of new styles that mix colorful gems with bright, beautiful diamonds in settings that combine gold, silver, and even enamel for an unexpected look that is playful and contemporary. A good gold or silver piece still has its place, but any time you can lean into color this season, it’s a safe bet you won’t regret it.

Holiday Nostalgia 

Wearing your beautiful heirlooms together with your modern fashionable jewelry can create a stylish and unique look. You'll be surprised how well vintage design works with fine jewelry pieces of today. In addition to its originality, there is a beautiful sentimental element to wearing vintage or antique jewelry. Wearing family heirloom jewelry can pay tribute to loved ones we may especially miss around the holidays. 

Whichever way you choose to accessorize for your holiday parties, it is important to be confident about it! Explore our superb selection of   jewelry in our showrooms to fully express yourself this fall. You are guaranteed to find the perfect addition to your style. If you are looking for the perfect jewelry gift, we can help you with that also!