How To Figure Out Your Partner's Ring Size, Secretly

How To Figure Out Your Partner's Ring Size, Secretly

If you’ve decided to propose, you may be wondering how to find her engagement ring size without her knowing. Especially if you want to plan a surprise marriage proposal, determining her ring size can be just as important as picking the cut of the diamond. Nothing ruins that surprise faster, however, than finding out the hard way the ring selected just doesn’t fit. Fortunately, there are some rather sneaky ways to determine her ring size without necessarily letting on that you’re going to pop the question.

1. Get help from her family or friends  

The conversation may have come about already with her family or friends regarding ring shopping or engagement and it is possible that they will know or be more accurate than you could guess. They may also have purchased jewelry for her in the past and already be aware of the sizing! 

2. Be subtle – making it seem like a general question

Pretend that you are getting a ring for your mother or your sister and ask for her help in the process. Have her go with you to the jewelry store and try on different styles and sizes explaining that you just want a better gauge on the sizing. (She might catch on to this one! Emphasis on the subtle!)

3. Borrow one of her current rings without her knowing

Try and choose an occasion where you can maximize your time with the ring the most so that you can get the most accurate reading of the size! You can take the ring to a local jeweler and have it sized. If limited on time, prepare in advance and have a ring sizer already at home! (This method may have some margin of error!)

4. Bar of soap trick!

This tip sounds silly but it works! It is especially helpful for the men with women who wear their jewelry without fail and would notice it missing! (If you tried number 4.) Whether she is in the shower, out and about, or there is a few minutes to spare with her ring just sitting on the counter, take it and imprint it into a bar of soap! Afterwards, make sure to clean it and wipe off the evidence…If done correctly, you should have the perfect outline to provide to a jeweler.

With a bit of pre-planning and a little detective work, you will know her ring size in now time.  If you need help creating a dream ring for your proposal, please come by or contact us and we can make you something special.